3 Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor

The Benefit of Choice

If you’re currently working with an insurance agent, you may have noticed they work for a wholesale insurance company. They write new business and renew existing policies. By working as independent insurance agents that sell many different carriers, they have access to the best rates and programs. Another benefit to using an independent agent is the ability to use tax-advantaged savings plans. These types of plans aren’t offered by captive agents who only offer one company’s products. Many people don’t realize the additional benefits of these strategies, but they can be extremely valuable in certain situations.

I explain why you should use an independent insurance agent or financial advisor (or both!) rather than a cheap online comparison shopping site when it comes to picking a health insurance policy or investment services Here are my three reasons:

You’ll get more personalized attention from an independent insurance agent or financial advisor.

The one theme you’ll notice I’ll keep preaching here is the power of choice. The majority of insurance agents only have one or two products to offer you. Companies on TV commercials only have limited choices. With less choice, these types of agents will try to corner you into buying what they have-even if it’s not right for you. When you work with independent agents and advisors, they will have access to a seemingly unlimited amount of carriers and products to work with. Because there are so many tools available, the honest and diligent independent insurance agent or financial advisor will really need to get to know who you are, what your intentions and needs are, and how these options can responsibly fit into your budget. You see, every client is special and necessary for these independent advisors’ business to survive. These folks don’t have the luxury of a multi-billion dollar company to runs endless ads to continually keep the prospect pipeline full for them. They also can’t afford to treat the clients that they do have poorly.

Independent insurance agents and financial consultants, like myself, get into this business to genuinely help people. I love helping people to reduce their debt and build lasting legacies for their family’s futures.

You can ask any question and you won’t be pressured to buy anything.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been a great sales person. I’m not into playing those high pressure mind games, like a used car sales guy does. My first mission is to help other people improve and protect their financial futures. Pressuring someone into buying something they can’t afford or don’t need is a perfect recipe for disaster in my business. I want to help my clients for the long term. If i’m just thinking about money now or the short term, I completely fail at my first mission-to help people improve and protect their financial futures.

My personal financial reviews are always complimentary and I don’t get paid to sell. I’m a consultant who helps families make roadmaps to clear debt, save for college, and plan for end of life necessities.

When dealing with an insurance advisor or financial consultant, you should never feel pressured into applying for any program. They should be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. An honest independent insurance agent or financial advisor will allow you to take the information that they give you and allow you to verify it with other professionals.

You’ll pay a lot less in commissions.

Independent insurance agents and financial advisors get paid in different ways. Some charge an annual fee, some bill hourly, and others work on commissions.

Traditional establishment financial planners typically charge a small percentage of the positive gains earned on investing your money, usually 1-2%. While one percent doesn’t seem like much in an individual year, you’ll be giving up a huge percentage of the total gains in your lifetime.

Commission-only agents tend to get a bad rap ( a lot of the time it’s deserved), but there are honest agents that will take their time with clients and never pressure you into purchasing anything.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, independent agents and advisors will always be the better choice for your insurance and financial situation. Independent agents and advisors aren’t employed by one particular company that they have to work with; they represent hundreds of different companies, and can provide you with the best options and information out there. If anything goes wrong in your situation, working with an independent agent or financial advisor you’ll know that your needs will be taken care of to the highest degree because their reputation is at stake.

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