8 Best Side Gigs To Start In 2021 And Beyond

Gain Financial Freedom.

Bored of your day job? Ready to start making some extra money on the side?

Not all side gigs are created equally, but these ones will be worth your time and energy. Whether you’re looking for a way to make a little bit of cash or just want something new to do, there is something here for everyone!

These ideas include everything from photography and selling clothes online, to delivering food and driving. There’s no need to feel stuck doing one thing when you have so many options available!

Here are the 8 best side gigs to start in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s get started!


Freelance Writing

My brother Scott is a great writer who gets paid to do it! After being laid off from his career in the hotel industry during COVID, he found work as a freelance writer. Now he’s able to write at home while wearing nothing but his underwear. Freelance writing has become one of the most popular side gigs out there today and The Write Life is my go-to source for information on that subject.



Being a math expert doesn’t mean you have to be so serious all the time. If anyone is stuck on their homework, make sure they know that there’s always someone who knows something better than them!

Tutoring is not just a great side gig; it’s also very rewarding and it doesn’t have to be in Math.

Tutoring may seem like an intimidating thing for some people because they might think of tutors as being smarter than them. But truthfully, that doesn’t matter at all and what does matter are the hearts behind these individuals who care about their students enough to spend their free time with them after school hours giving extra lessons when teachers can only do so much during one class period.


Dog Walking

You can make money by walking dogs from your phone and have a blast doing it! So why not get out there, find some pups in need of walks, set the price you want to charge per walk (or use their pre-set pricing), then head on over for an hour or so.

Walkers are needed all across America – if you’re interested in starting up as a dog walker yourself but don’t know where to start, Rover is one service that matches wagging customers with qualified professionals like yourself


Digital Marketing

The internet is a crazy place. From social media to online marketing, it’s not hard for people and companies alike to get lost in the deep web, never coming out again.

But fret no more because there are always willing souls eager enough just like you who can lend some helpful tips or tricks about navigating this faraway world of virtual reality that we call home today – so don’t be afraid!

Your social media prowess will be put to good use with the right marketing career! If that’s the case, then running online campaigns to bring clients to businesses is an awesome side gig opportunity!


Selling On eBay Or Etsy

Get paid to sell your used items. Yes, it’s time for you to brush up on those sales skills! You’d be surprised how much of a profit there is in the second-hand world as long as you have enough patience and drive.

The best part? It doesn’t take any special qualifications or certifications – all that matters are hard work and creativity when coming up with different ideas about what products can make money from home online.

The idea behind this side gig is so simple: find out where people buy things like electronics, furniture, clothes, etc., then resell them at a slightly higher price point (or purchase cheaper ones). Sites such as eBay or Etsy help sellers connect with buyers while still maintaining some autonomy over their products.


Create A Course Teaching A Skill

Teaching is one of the best side gigs out there, and it’s not as hard as you think.

For just a few hours per week, you can make money giving people lessons in their desired skillset: cooking classes for budding chefs; art workshops to teach new techniques like watercolor or acrylic painting; pottery courses for amateur sculptors looking to take on clay projects at home.

The benefits that come with teaching are many-fold—you’ll be able to practice your own skillset while making an income off another person’s passion! Teaching also gives back by providing access to others who may never have had such privileges before will get creative insight into the world they were previously denied from accessing due to cultural factors – this includes those students.



In a world of ever-expanding social media, it is important to maintain an online presence that people will actually want to follow. The more followers you have the faster your blog posts go viral and can be monetized with ads or affiliate links!
In this day in age, not having an internet following is like being invisible on earth. You may know everything about every topic imaginable but nobody else does unless they find out through word of mouth from someone who knows somebody who was at one time acquainted with you while waiting for their order at Starbucks. That’s why if there are any words I could leave as advice -it would be: “One cannot live by bread alone.” And what do we need most besides basic sustenance? Attention–


Creating YouTube Videos That Teach

There are only two reasons anyone uses Youtube (or the internet for that matter):

Education or Entertainment

There are many possibilities out there but start with what you know. Here are a few ideas: cooking recipes for foodies showing viewers how to tie a bowtie, other ties, knots, or bows, or even
“How To” vehicle repair videos discussing popular movies or video games.

Figuring out how you’re going to make money can be difficult. You need a plan, and it’s best if this is something that interests you for the long run. It might take some time before finding what suits your personality – have patience!

I hope that this article has helped you to think about what kind of side gig or business idea might be right for you, and that the list of ideas in it will help guide your decision. It’s never too late to start a new career path-if anything, starting now makes more sense than ever!

If all these options sound equally appealing but not quite right for you personally, then why not take our quiz on which type of entrepreneurship is best suited to your personality?

And don’t forget to share any other tips with us in the comments section below

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