3 Reasons Why You Should Think About Financial Freedom This Independence Day

Let Financial Freedom Ring Takeout the flag, stock up on BBQ, and spend some quality time with your 4th of July family and friends. Celebrating Independence Day is one of America’s greatest traditions—but it might just not be as grand this year, if you’re still struggling to make ends meet. Financial freedom isn’t just an abstract idea—it’s something that’s available […]

3 Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Agent or Financial Advisor

The Benefit of Choice If you’re currently working with an insurance agent, you may have noticed they work for a wholesale insurance company. They write new business and renew existing policies. By working as independent insurance agents that sell many different carriers, they have access to the best rates and programs. Another benefit to using an independent agent is the […]

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Understanding Permanent Whole Life Insurance  Whole life insurance is a protection that’s built for you for the rest of your life and accrues a cash value.  In addition to providing a death benefit, a whole life insurance policy will accrue a cash value that can be used later for purpose like low interest loans. Whole life insurance policies are typically […]

What Is Term Life Insurance?

“A licensed insurance agent can answer your questions and help you find many more options that will fit you and your specific situation.” -Paul Cercy What is term life insurance? Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that covers a specific period of time and it has no cash-value accrual. You can think of it as a “just […]

8 Best Side Gigs To Start In 2021 And Beyond

Gain Financial Freedom. Bored of your day job? Ready to start making some extra money on the side? Not all side gigs are created equally, but these ones will be worth your time and energy. Whether you’re looking for a way to make a little bit of cash or just want something new to do, there is something here for […]

16 of The Best Jobs For Introverts in 2021

The perfect position can be difficult to find, but it is especially challenging if you are an introverted personality.  Introverts have a lot of great qualities that make them perfect for certain positions. In this blog, we’ve outlined some of the best jobs for introverts in 2021.  Some people are shy. They don’t like to talk in front of lots […]

What Are The Differences Between Active and Passive Income?

The Quick and Dirty…   There are many differences, but traditionally, the main difference is that while you’re actively working to make money through your job or side business, you’re passively making money with your investments of money and time. I personally define active income as any income that requires your constant physical presence to earn money. You have to […]

5 Places You Must See When Visiting St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island & The Golden Isles Will your next adventure take you here? St. Simons Island, Georgia is one of the most beautiful, popular destinations for visitors and locals alike. It’s a great place to get away from it all, relax on the beach, or go exploring with friends and family. St. Simons provides many opportunities to explore picturesque […]

How Do I Manage A Full-Time Job, Family, And Start A Side Gig?

Are you prepared for change? The answer to this question really isn’t an easy one. Or maybe it is.  It’s definitely not a lazy one. You have to find it within yourself.  I don’t mean for this to be some silly cliche answer. But you do have to prioritize what the most important things in your life are.  Do you […]