FREE Webinar: Learn How To WIN The Money Game With Elite Money Series

FREE Webinar: Learn How To WIN The Money Game With Elite Money Series

Do you want to win the money game? Do you want to have more money and achieve your financial goals? I’ve got something you won’t want to miss — our FREE live webinar course, Elite Money Series. This online course will help you understand the rules of money, how to get out of debt, show you how to plan for your future, and so much more. The Elite Money Series will feature expert speakers, Senior Brokers from Pinnacle Elite, who are successful financial educators that have helped thousands of families using the same information they’re teaching in this 5 part FREE course. So, leave your credit card in the other room and bring your pencil and paper- you can’t afford not to take notes on these money management strategies being given away here. 

Elite Money Series: A Free Financial Literacy Course

A FREE 5 Part Workshop Series on Financial Independence

April 12, 2022 : Win at the Money Game

April is financial literacy month and to celebrate the senior brokers at our firm have created this live webinar series that will teach you the rules of money management, how money grows, how it’s taxed, and how you can use the same tactics the wealthy use to get ahead in your own financial life. 

April 16: Your Million Dollar Baby

The best time to start saving money for your child’s future is as soon as they’re born. But what programs are available to help you accomplish this goal? How do these plans work? There are many factors to think about and several options. Would it be worth an hour of your evening to learn how to set up your children for financial success?

April 19: The Truth About Retirement

Do you feel you’re ahead, on track, or behind in your retirement goals? The majority of Americans aren’t properly prepared for their retirement years. 

This class will show you the ugly truth about most popular after work savings plans and how your nest egg could already be at risk. You’ll learn to create a financial dream map to meet your post career goals and help you better understand what you should be saving and planning for. Retirement education is something everyone should learn more about, right?

April 26: Become Debt Free

Do you want to improve your financial future? Are you longing for the day collections agencies stop calling you? Do you want to know what it really takes to become debt free? This class is one that most of you shouldn’t miss. The reason most Americans are in debt and living paycheck to paycheck is because of a lack of common sense financial education. Learning the concepts the wealthy use to understand and manage their debt, just makes sense doesn’t it?  

April 30: Family Banks and Businesses

This course goes in depth into topics like starting a family bank system and creating a thriving family based business to help you reach goals in your financial future. There are so many mind blowing insights into the world of modern corporate banking and how they use your hard earned money for their own benefit. If you want a better understanding on how to avoid high fees and low interest rates, then this course is for you. Are you ready to change the financial future for yourself and the generations you leave behind?

No Family Left Behind

This course is designed to give you solutions that are going to change your thinking and, in turn, change your results. I’m a firm believer that each one of us is capable of achieving the success that we want in life. Elite Money Series is designed to help you do just that. The motto of our firm is No Family Left Behind. We want all families, no matter their size or current financial status, to be equipped with the proper financial tools to succeed and to put an end to generational poverty. 

How to Register

This entire course is free to attend, but there is limited availability so you must register now for each workshop to reserve your spot, seats are filling up fast!.

 Visit, for links to all workshops and click the learn more button under the ones you’d like to attend. In the “invited by” section of the form, put my name Paul Cercy, and comment on this post if you’ve decided to make a change for your financial future. 

Are you ready to change your finances and thrive instead of survive? 

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